Discover Trenchless Sewer Repair

If your home’s sewer line is over 40 years old, then you could be looking at costly repairs. Old sewer pipelines were installed underground. In order to repair leaking pipes, the plumbing company will likely have to tear up the yard or possibly the driveway. Repairing underground sewer pipes is very expensive. Today, there are new trenchless sewer repair techniques that eliminate the need for a backhoe.

Even if you have a new home, your sewer pipes could be connected to an old sewer line. Most people don’t realize that there is an alternate method for repairing sewer lines. There are two basic techniques that plumbers use for trenchless sewer repair. The pipe bursting method causes the pipe to burst by running a line inside the damaged pipe. Holes must be dug on either side of the damaged pipe. This method causes minimal damage to landscaping.

The pipe lining method requires digging one hole and inserting material into the damaged pipe that will harden. This lines the damaged pipe with material that repairs the problem. This method creates a pipe within a pipe, and the resin takes several hours to cure. The warranties for these two methods range from 10 to over 50 years. It depends on the plumbing company or the manufacturer as to how long the warranty last.

Trees are a common problem for plumbing pipes. The roots can damage the pipes because they are looking for water. This is why a plumbing problem can happen anywhere there are homes with trees. Find a qualified plumber in your area by searching online. More info: trenchless sewer repair Owatonna

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