Earthquake Checklists And You

It is important that any home that is located in an earthquake zone have an earthquake checklist standing by. It can help your family prepare for such an emergency. Read it often and make sure to practice what steps need to be taken during and after an earthquake.

Items That Belong on Your Checklist
Make sure that your family knows to go to a secure location during an earthquake. Find the safest place in your home and do a few drills on how to safely get there from any point in the home. Find a spot where everyone in your family can meet up after an earthquake if not everyone was at home at the time. Make sure to have manual can openers in your pantry. Pain medication is also important to keep handy.

Getting Your Home Ready for an Earthquake
You need to make sure that nothing is in a location that could cause bodily harm in the event of a tremor. Remove shelves that might be above a bed. Put all of your dangerous tools on a lower shelf or drawer. Make sure to have bottled water on hand at all times. Power might be out for a while in the case of an intense earthquake. Make sure to have medications somewhere that is easy to access.

It is impossible to be completely ready for an event as unpredictable as an earthquake. They never come with any warning and always bring unpleasant aftershocks. Do what you can to keep your family safe and prepared for whatever may happen.

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