Finding An Apartment

Finding the perfect apartment can be as difficult as finding Mister Right. You need to be able to find something that is on the side of town that you need, has all the necessary amenities and is at a price that you can afford. As if that were not enough, the unit must also be available for move-in right when you need it.

Prioritizing Needs and Wants

You should be prepared to make a list of what your apartment needs to have and create a separate wish list. For example, it is more important to be able to afford to pay monthly rental charges than to be able to relax in a clubhouse hot tub. Being able to keep your furry companions also takes precedence over luxuries such as balconies or pools. You may also be set on getting a place with washer and dryer hookups, but may need to sacrifice some other amenity to make it possible.

When to Hunt for Apartments

The best time to try to find your new abode is during the latter part of summer. This is when leases for graduate students are typically signed and released. The highest number of vacancies happens at this time of the year. Start calling around and asking about units that are coming available in the late springtime. This will give you the opportunity to build a rapport with the landlord. Creating a positive association early on will ensure that you will get the first shot at a good unit. This is especially important in larger cities. Competition in these areas can be quite fierce. More info: Apartments Dallas

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