Giving A Child A Chance

Children, around the world, live in poverty. Some live in areas without adequate food, access to clean water, schools or other essential services needed to rise above the cycle. Some are even orphans caring for younger siblings. Thankfully, Sponsorship allows you, for the cost of your daily latte, to make a huge difference in the lives of one of these children.

The first step to child sponsorship is finding the right agency. Many agencies offer sponsorship. Look at the administrative costs and other forms of overhead to see how much money goes to the children and communities in need. Also, consider what services they provide the child. Most agencies provide the community with clean water, access to nutritious food, schools, farm animals and other services.

After choosing your agency, the next step is to choose a child. The user can sort the children based on country, age, birthday, gender, and other factors. Some agencies even allow the users to sort based on disability or orphan status.

Next, many agencies ask the sponsor to set up automated giving. A credit card or bank account is placed on file and the gift comes out automatically. The sponsor can also send extra gifts for Christmases and birthdays. Letters, and in some cases emails, can also be exchanged. The sponsor gets an updated photograph each year.

Sponsorship can take an entire family out of poverty. It can give communities the power to grow. By simply skipping a cup of coffee, you can change a child’s life forever. More info: sponsor an orphan child

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