Have You Dreamed To Have A Hardwood Floor?

When you have finished with the sand paper you can use mineral spirit over the scratch or the entire area where you have used the sand paper. By following each step carefully you can make the scratch disappear better. The scratch can then be filled with wood filler and this should be done with a plastic knife. Do not attempt to do anything after that unless the area is completely dry. Give it enough time to dry. Once you have done that make sure to use a sand paper but only for the excess filler.

With the help of a lamb’s wool applicator you can do the final touches with varnish or even polyurethane which will match your floor and the scratch will no longer be seen. You will surely be happy with the end result and very satisfied too. It is your duty to care for the hardwood flooring like you would take care of a wound. “Better late than never” So when you see the scratch work on it immediately or you will worsen the situation.

Scratches on the floor can easily be dealt with if you know the right way More info: Hardwood flooring MA

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