Kawasaki Lift Kits

The use of lift kits on a Kawasaki ATV will give the rider several more inches of ground clearance and permit him to install larger tires on the vehicle because the increased clearance will cut down on the rubbing of tires against fenders and mud flaps. Design features of the Kawasaki lift kit lowers the front A-arms creating ground clearance and reducing load on the suspension. Each lift kit consists of a rather non-technical bolt-on system that includes the brackets and fasteners needed to make it work. Complete instructions are provided. When lift kits are installed on certain ATV’s such as the Mule it is recommended that wider tires bearing stiffer sidewalls be used to provide the vehicle a better and more stable posture. After installation, drivers will likely notice a difference in the handling characteristics of the vehicle, and they should excercise care by driving a slower speed while turning and/or putting top-heavy loads on the vehicle. The raising of the auto’s center of gravity will increas More info: Kawasaki lift kits

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