Laser Liposuction Gvies New Techniques For Fat Removal

Laser Liposuction is the latest rage in non-surgical procedures for those who want to get rid of unsightly fat. The old styles of liposuction left patients bruised and they needed extensive recovery time. With these new methods there is no need for extensive recovery and there is no nasty side effects like the previous type.

Targeting a section of the body, the laser is placed with small holes inside the area of the body that needs help. The heat from the laser dissolves the fat into a liquid which is drained out. The laser also promotes the growth of collegian and restoration of tissue around the area.

Though there is a couple of day recovery time, the laser liposuction is considered a minor surgical procedure. Traditional liposuction left patients in severe pain and often too weeks to recover. The laser version has a couple day recovery time and is patients can go about their life, including going back to work.

While the area will be tender and swollen, the area will heal nicely and leave a wonderful looking area. Forget the unsightly cottage cheese and excessive bulge in this area, the laser will melt away years of fat in a matter of seconds. Because of its less evasive nature, many people are turning to the laser to help them rid problem areas.

One of the most popular areas to have done is the stomach, along with the buttocks. A gentle glide of the laser can rid troublesome areas and bring self esteem back. Its economical cost have many people researching if laser liposuction is right for them. More info: Laser Liposuction Berkeley

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