Pros And Cons Of Dental Implants

Many people live long lives, and it stands to reason that they will need to replace missing teeth at some point in their lifetime. Dentures and bridges are often used to replace missing or failing teeth, but these are not always the best ways to replace missing teeth. Dentures and bridges are not very reliable. Plus, they often slip out of place and do not always fit securely.

Dental implants are the better solution for the replacement of missing teeth. Dental implants are durable, strong and reliable. Plus, they will not move out of place. In addition, they function and look like real teeth. Moreover, dental implants are very comfortable. Bridges and dentures are not always comfortable for those who have them. Dental implants are fixed into place and will stay in place for as long as the person who has them is alive. Typically, bridges and dentures will need replacing in ten years or so.

There are a few drawbacks to dental implants. They are very expensive. Dental implants can cost thousands of dollars. Also, there are some risks to having dental implants. Infections can occur, and implants can cause nerve damage. Pain and numbness are also common complaints. Also, if a dental implant is not correctly done it can cause damage to teeth near the implanted tooth. Another common complication that can occur is swelling or bruising of the gums. Permanent bone loss can also occur if dental implants not properly implanted.

It is highly advised to discuss these and other risks with a dentist before making a decision to have dental implants.
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