Sleep Apnea Is A Threat To Your Overall Health

Usually, the first diagnostician of sleep apnea is the spouse or partner. They might not know what’s wrong but know something is, when the person lying next to them stops breathing for short periods during sleep or snores loudly. Another tip-off is if you go to sleep while driving the car and/or always feel sleepy during the day.

A visit to the doctor and a sleep study test comes next. You will go to the testing facility in the evening and get hooked up to lots of monitors, then you’re supposed to sleep in a strange bed in a room with glass walls, so that you can be observed – all night. Pray that you’ll be able to sleep enough that they can do the tests!

If it is found that you have sleep apnea, you will be advised to use a C-Pap or a Bi-Pap machine. These pump air under pressure into a face or nasal mask, which ensures a steady flow of air into your lungs to oxygenate your blood. Depending upon the severity of the problem, you may or may not be instructed to also use oxygen with your machine.

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