Small Business Solution: Short Run Labels

Short run printing is a blessing for small businesses who often find their size places them at a disadvantage when ordering supplies. With the advent of strict labeling guidelines from health departments around the country, the requirements for accurate labeling of foodstuffs has increased the need for short run labels. For a small deli or bakery tens of thousands of labels for each item sold is simply unrealistic financially, to say nothing of the storage problems so many labels present.
Arts and craft vendors can take advantage of the short turnaround time offered by a short run printing operation. Without the need for plate or die charges or film, a short run of labels ordered and delivered in four days or less is possible. It is not just small conventional businesses and home based businesses that benefit from the short run printing market. Individuals who make their own jellies, candles or other items as gifts can order as few as 100 labels from some companies. Moreover, large businesses can test vario

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