Some Sushi Contains No Raw Fish

Sushi is a fantastic meal for those who have learned the ins and outs of this fascinating cooking style. It is important to understand that ‘sushi’ does not mean ‘raw fish’. Sushi is a method of preparing food that has very specific methods and ways to go about creating the dishes. Many of the dishes served by sushi chefs are either partially or completely made up of cooked ingredients and contain no raw fish of any kind. While there may be raw vegetables in the dish the fish itself, in some cases, is fully cooked.

Take for example the Spider Roll and the California Roll. These two sushi dishes are created by taking nori, the dried seaweed wrapper common to many sushi dishes, and laying down a layer of specially cooked sushi rice. On top of this bed of rice a small dash of wasabi, Japanese horseradish, is placed and then some vegetables. In the case of the Spider Roll many times no vegetables are used. The only thing added to this roll is a soft shell crab that has been lightly battered with Japanese tempura batter and then fried to a light crispy consistency, though it is fully cooked. The crab is rolled up in the rice and nori then sliced into small wheels and served. In the case of the California Roll cucumber straws are laid on the rice along with avocado and cooked crab leg meat. This is then rolled as with the Spider Roll, sliced and served. In both cases no raw fish is involved and both taste delicious. More info: Sushi Calgary

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