Use Of A Vision Tester

Millions of people around the world experience crystal clear vision because of what their optometrist has done for them. No longer ailed by the blurriness of life without corrective glasses or contact lenses, people are able to thoroughly enjoy all the beautiful visions that nature and the modern world have to offer.

If you find yourself unable to see the world clearly or have issues with blurriness or inability to focus properly, a trip to an optometrist can quickly get you on your way to being able to see the world as you once did. When you visit an optometrist, there will be a few steps to the diagnosis.

The first of these steps usually involves the use of a vision tester. Often performed by a lab technician or assistant, these devices can test your eyes ability to deal with glare, visual contrast and the ability of the eye to properly focus. By placing your face against the visual tester, you will be presented with a few slides that will go in and out of focus to test how your eyes attempt to correct what they are seeing. This can also help for a preliminary detection of what type of correction your eyes will need for you to see properly again.

Following the visual tester, the optometrist will run you through a series of tests for a manual evaluation. During this evaluation, he will use the results of the vision testing performed early to guide his diagnosis. This helps to keep chair time down for visits so the optometrist can see more patients within a smaller frame of time.

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