What Is A Chatty Cathy Doll

Many children love playing with toys during their free time. They like to put their imagination to use and play pretend with their new toys. These toys provide the children endless hours of fun, entertainment, and adventure. The difference between toys for boys and girls is quite apparent, though that is not always the case. Some toys can be unisex, and enjoyed by both boys and girls. Some toys that were designed with the boy in mind can be enjoyed by girls, while the opposite also proves to be true. As long as the child can incorporate their imagination with the toy, it will prove to be a good time.

One great toy for little girls is that of the Chatty Cathy doll. This doll was designed in a manner that provides the little girl with more than just a toy doll. This doll is meant to act in the place of a friend, as well. The doll has hundreds of words and phrases that are built into it. It also has a voice recognition system, which allows it to recognize when its owner is speaking to it. There are some phrases which the doll recognizes as well. In return, the doll will respond with an appropriate phrase of its own.

These dolls have a growing popularity amongst the young girl generation. Finding these playmates can prove to be a challenge during heavy gifting seasons, such as Christmas. If the doll cannot be found in stores, the adult always has the option to look for this toy on the internet.
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