Wool Cycling Jerseys Best For Cyclists

A wool cycling jersey is the perfect garment for rides in any type of weather. They are especially useful for the fall and winters months and during the hot summer months as well. Wool jerseys are great for summer months because they naturally regulate your body temperature, are odor resistant, and anti-bacterial due to the presence of lanolin. The are great in the winter months because they are the best material for heat retention. Also, wool cycling jerseys cut down on chafing because the weave is often very fine and smooth.

Wool cycling jerseys are the base layer of choice for many professional and experienced cyclists. The fabric is naturally flexible and has a great range of movement. Everything from a nice autumn morning leisure bike to an intense summer workout can be accommodated by the comfort of a wool cycling jersey.

Merino wool is the main textile used by most manufacturers for their cycling jerseys because of its soft feel and moisture wicking ability. Even though it will absorb body sweat,

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